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Barking dog problem

Barking is how dogs communicate. It’s instinctive and it’s part of their character. However, excessive barking can quickly become problematic.

Lots of factors influence the way a dog barks, including the dog’s conditioning, its heredity, and its current environment. A dog barks for many reasons: it may have been encouraged to do so (even if inadvertently); it may bark out of anxiety (especially from separation); it may be bored; the dog may be in pain; the dog may be under stress; the dog may be afraid of something; the dog might be trying to protect something or someone; and/or the dog simply wants attention.

Before you can solve the problem of barking, you must identify the cause of the excessive barking. We recommend that you begin by filling out our online barking questionnaire. Then we will try to help you!

We provide free advice from a dog training expert. In some cases, we might recommend that you use an anti-bark collar, along with positive reinforcement and the “STOP” warning.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please write to us! Also, we recommend you check out our reviews of anti-bark collars, which will help you make informed choices.

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