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Barking solution

How to Correct Excessive Barking

When it comes to excessive, problem barking, an anti-bark collar is necessary. An anti-bark collar brings quick and durable results. Here is an efficient way to make your dog stop barking, without making him wear the bark collar permanently.

When your dog barks, give him the verbal warning, “stop.” Just like “good,” the command “stop” must be given at the exact instant the misbehavior occurs. If your dog does not comply immediately, put the anti-bark collar on him. The next time he barks, say “stop” and allow the bark collar to correct him.

Without the collar, “stop” is only a warning. Once the dog associates the command “stop” with the correction (the collar), he will stop barking when you give the command, even if he’s not wearing the collar.

When your dog stops barking, tell him “good dog,” and then give him a reward (such as food or play). You will likely need to repeat this process many times. If he barks, he gets a verbal warning and a correction. If he is quiet, he gets verbal praise and a reward. Over time, he will get fewer corrections and you will be able to guide him mostly with verbal praise.

When your dog’s behavior seems to have improved, it’s time to test her! Remove the anti-bark collar. If she stops barking on the “stop” command, reward her. If she does not stop, put the collar back on.

Your dog will begin to understand the link between “stop” and the reward. As he does so, make him wait a few seconds before rewarding him. When he can wait a fair amount of time, start giving him fewer treats. Reward him with treats every other time he deserves it, and then every third time, and so on. At some point, you will not have to reward him anymore, but it is still a good idea to give him a treat here and there, just to let him know he’s doing a good job! This will keep him motivated to stay quiet.

By using this technique, along with the verbal signals, “stop” and “good,” you will probably see him stop barking the moment he sees the anti-bark collar. Your goal is to make him think, “If I bark even if my master says ‘stop,’ then I will have to wear that collar!”

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