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Pioneer Pet drinking fountain product review

Pioneer Pet’s stainless steel drinking fountain is, without any doubt, among our most well-sold products. Drinking fountains offer clean water with their filters and, of course, circulating water. These two aspects are known to encourage dogs and cats to drink more, which helps reduce risks of dehydration, kidney problems and urinary tract diseases. Yet each fountain has its pros and cons: let’s see how Pioneer Pet’s stainless steel fountain is better than plastic fountains, and why some like the ceramic version better.

First of all, stainless steel is highly recommended by vets because it is smooth and even, whereas plastic is irregular. These tiny flaws are a good place for germs to hide and, after a while, to proliferate and cover larger areas. Stainless steel thus prevents dirt and germs


  • Encourages the pet to drink more
  • *Made of a material highly recommended by veterinaries
  • *Durable and very solid, looks nice
  • Easy to put together and to take apart
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Makes a slight noise
  • Requires filters (additional expense
  • *Is covered of a deposit after a short while
from multiplying and spreading, and provides healthier water than the one in plastic fountains (or in plain plastic bowls).
Secondly, many people think that the stainless steel drinking fountain, although not as nice as the ceramic version, looks a lot nicer than plastic ones. The stainless steel fountain betters the ceramic fountain only for its hardness: it is common that the ceramic breaks during shipping or handling. The stainless steel fountain doesn’t have that problem.

Finally, the circulating water moves sediments on dry areas, and these sediments create a deposit on the stainless steel, which makes it less nice. The fountain might not look clean for that reason, but the deposit is not harmful to pets in any way. It starts to appear after using the fountain for two to three weeks, depending on your water. Some like the ceramic fountain better because of that, even though it is not as hard. If you buy the stainless steel fountain, we recommend that you don’t wait too long before cleaning it: the deposit becomes very hard to scrub off after a while.

Some complain that fountain motors are noisy, while others find it very quiet. If your drinking fountain makes a noise that does not seem to be from the motor, make sure the top part is placed correctly onto the main bowl.
If there is too much water in the fountain, you might get a wet floor; if there is not enough, the motor might not work perfectly. When you use the fountain for the first time, put very little water in it, then plug it in. Pour some more water gradually until you reach the right level.
The filter has to be replaced on a certain frequency. This frequency depends on many things, such as the number of pets using the fountain, the amount of water they drink, etc. If you think that the filter stops working too soon or that its efficiency weakens prematurely, take the fountain apart and check the filter: maybe it is clogged by hair.
Some big dogs might like the Big Max size better than the normal size, as it provides a lot more room to drink.

Elements marked with an asterisk (*) apply to the stainless steel fountain only; other elements apply to all drinking fountains from Pioneer Pet.

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