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2gig Z-CT100 Z-Wave Programmable Smart Thermostats With LED backlit display

2gig Z-CT100 Z-Wave Programmable Smart Thermostats With LED backlit display

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The Z-Wave programmable thermostat brings together everything you need to create an energy-intelligent home: remote control, seven-day programming, and seamless integration with the GC2 panel.

Operating Guide
Reduce your energy bills by managing your home’s heating and cooling with the Z-Wave CT100 Thermostat. The device easily integrates into your Z-Wave home network and allows you to remotely control your thermostat from anywhere—whether you are in another room or miles away. The backlit touchscreen display is a breeze to navigate, simple to set up and can control four heating and two cooling stages.

An array of features includes an Auto setting that will switch from cooling to heating, as programmed, as well as a 7-day custom schedule option, giving you the peace of mind and the freedom to program your home climate exactly how you want it.

Installation Guide
Replace your old thermostat with the Z-Wave CT100 Thermostat by using the detailed instruction manual included with your product (or scroll down for PDF's).

This thermostat is designed for use with 4AA alkaline batteries and/or 24 VAC C-wire (or a 12-24 AC or DC source) and millivolt gas systems. Each thermostat relay load should be limited to 1.0 amp; higher amperage may cause damage to the thermostat.

To add the thermostat to your Z-Wave network, send a pairing command from your hub, then press and release the MENU button on the thermostat. Press the MATE button. This will bring you to the network screen and a large r1 will be displayed. Press the MATE button again. This will initiate the inclusion process. When the device has joined your network the word LINK will appear under the radio tower. Your controller will indicate the thermostat was successfully added to its network
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