Aniluxe Wireless Electronic Pet Fence Dog Invisible no Wires


  • $99.00

Aniluxe Wireless Electronic Pet Fence Characteristic: 1. Large remote control distance. With the transmitter as the center, the maximum remote radius is 100 meters. 2. The signal strength of the transmitter can be freely adjusted according to 0-100 steps, and the corresponding receiver distance is 0-200 meters. That is, 001 files correspond to 5 meters and 100 files correspond to 200 meters. The median value can be adjusted freely. 3. The receiver is waterproof, rechargeable, economical and durable. 4. After the dog exceeds the set range of activity, the receiver that it wears will automatically activate the training function and will vibrate for 3 seconds before stopping vibration. Switching to the electric shock for 4 seconds will remind the dog to return to the safe area. If the dog continues to move forward, it will vibrate for 10 seconds and shock for 4 seconds. After the dog feels a vibration warning, it will not move on. 5. A transmitter can support an unlimited number of receivers working at the same time and do not interfere with each other. 6. The transmitter has a digital display to visually display the current signal strength level. 7. Electrostatic stimulation is divided into three levels, "large", "medium", and "small", and can be adjusted freely. Material: plastic Weight: 500g Colour: Black Size: 25.5x23x6.6 cm Included: 1 piece remote control 1 piece receiver 1 piece charging adapter 1 piece USB cable 1 piece instruction