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Anti Bark Spray Collar Antibark Training Spray Collar Safe Lemonella Refill include

Anti Bark Spray Collar Antibark Training Spray Collar Safe Lemonella Refill include

Spray Dog Barking Collar Technology for the Fast and Painless Solution To Excessive Barking. Combining Modern Electronics and Dog Training Technical Modification This Bark Collar Will Stop Excessive Barking.

The Anti Bark Collar is effective, Safe and Painless. It needs no human intervention to work and has no secondary negative effects. In Fact the Spray Dog Barking Collar has a calm. New Upgraded Automatic Antomatic Anti Bark Spray Collar, you will finully make a better relationship with your dog and with your neighbours :-) features: 1.led power indication 2.Water resistant design 3.Low power consumption 4.Record the Total Spray Times Automatically When you turn off the collar by counting the Number of Light Flashing 5.The Device is Safety and No Negative Impact or Hurt To Your Pets Before Use: A.Confirm the Battery to Be inserted Correctly B.Press and Hold On The On/Off Button to turn the collar we note: this product do not contain lemonella spray. For Your Dog's Safety, please buy from a big store. How to use: 1.Place the Spray Collar on your Dog's Neck Close to the Ears, Adjust the Strap to Allow One Fing to Fit Under the Strap. 2.Make sure the spray nozzle is angled out and pointing up towards the dog's snout. For long hair dogs, you may need to trim the neck hairs along the spray path. 3. USE THE REFILLE PORT IS CLEAN. Then hold the spray can upright and firmly press the nozzle down into the refill port. Hold for 15 seconds and Remove. 4.The Device Will Eject Spray Automatically When Detect the Dog Barking. The Collar Sprays 1 Time If the Dog's Barking is continuous within 2 seconds. 5.The red led will flash to indicate the total spray times when you turn off the collar. Note: For More Details and Better Use, please Carefully Read Instructions. SPECIFICATION: 1.WaterProof: IP6 2.Collar size: 61.5*34.5*32mm 3.Collar Weight: 80g 4.Collar Strap: 115cm Nylon Strap 5.CHARGING TIME: 2 HOURS 6.RUNNING TIME: stand by for up to 7 days 7.The: this

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