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Dynamic Accents

Dynamic Accents 42200 - 20 Inch All Wood Large Free Standing Gate - Mahogany

Dynamic Accents 42200 - 20 Inch All Wood Large Free Standing Gate - Mahogany

Kensington series 20 high Free Standing gates have a proprietary sliding width adjustment feature which makes their width easily expandable without the use of tools! Available in Large which adjusts from 39.25 up to 72 wide.At 20 high this gate is easy to step over yet securely confines small pets. The gate legs rotate so that the gate can be compactly stored under a sofa or in a closet when not in use. The wide leg base prevents tipping and the Free Standing design means that no installation is necessary. These gates are handcrafted of mortise and tenon construction without the use of nails pins or screws and the beautiful finish is hand wiped with care and attention to detail to ensure lasting durability.

Operating guide
Turn the pre-assembled gate panels upside down and apply the ¾” Rubber Support Bumpers to the CENTER of each of the 2” plastic glides. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry when applying the bumper for proper adhesion.
Remove the Feet attachment bolts from the bottom of the gate and insert the Feet Attachment Bolts into the feet from the bottom side so that the bolt head recesses into the feet. Attach the feet to the frame by tightening the bolts using a Phillips Head Screwdriver until the bolts are snug and the foot is firmly attached. Turn your gate over onto it’s feet and it is now ready for use!

Usage Instructions
Your Dynamic Accents Freestanding Pet Gate is designed to be infinitely adjustable with no tools required for adjustment!
For easy width adjustment, lift the gate slightly off of the floor, slide the panels apart to the desired width and set the gate down.
For storage or transport, slide your gate completely closed, rotate the legs in line with the gate.
This product is designed for use with small animals that can not jump over or push gate out of position.
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