In Ground Invisible wire dog fence system best new model upgraded version


  • $76.00

Dog Fence System Introduction This system is designed for pet parents to keep the pet safe in the yard and prevent it from the pool, busy street or flower beds. The signal sent out from the wire by the transmitter makes a circle of signal wall, whose width can be adjusted by the number on the transmitter. When the dog enters the signal area, it gets beeps and shocks. The closer the dog goes closer to the wire, the more time of the shock will be longer, which is safe and enough to prevent it from escaping. Multiple Collars Operation Multiple collars are available if you have more than one dog. No Receiver Limit Get more receiving collars to train more dogs.

  • Proportional Static Shock The closer your dog gets to the boundary, the more intense the shock will be.
  • Progressive Warning Tone The warning tone will be issued twice and then shock stimuli if your dog continues to move close to the boundary.
  • Variable Field Width Control Allows you to control the width of the signal field precisely.
  • Audible and Visual Wire Break Indicators Once the buried wire was broken, a loud sonic alarm will be issued with a flashing light.
  • Speed Detect Anti - Run Through The faster your dog is moving, and the higher level of intensity is issued.