Tabcat Loc8tor Pet Handheld Finder Locator tracker Cat/Dog/Keys


  • $114.00

New Tabcat Loc8tor cat tracker gps worked for me and my cat again last evening. He didn't come in at 7pm as per usual so I called, and checked with the loc8tor Tabcat. It showed he was in the next door neighbour's yard or vicinity. He usually comes when his collar beeps but this time he didn't. By 8:30pm I was convinced something was wrong so I knocked on the neighbour's door and asked if I could check the yard. No sign of cat but I kept getting a very strong response at one corner of their house. My conclusion was that cat must be inside the house! Knocked again, and they let me in, I followed the beeps and there was 'Ratbag' hiding under the owner's bed!!! The neighbours were very impressed. I was saved from a sleepless night. Thank you once again for this wonderful gadget. Regards" M. Pullen, New ZealandProduct featuresThe Loc8tor Pet dubbed as the "Best Locator in the World". This credit card sized locating device is ideal to help you find your pet providing peace of mind for you and that extra bit of freedom and safety for them. The Loc8tor Pet comes supplied with two lightweight homing tags (weighing only 5 grams). Set up takes seconds. The Tag can be attached directly on to your Pets collar using the splashproof Tag cases provided.Unlike anything else currently available the Loc8tor's audio and visual cues from the handheld point you in the right direction. It will guide you to their exact location whether it's attached to them. It will literally take you minutes (even seconds) to find them rather than hunting for hours.With amazing accuracy you will be guided to within an inch/2.5cm whether you are indoors or out even in complete darkness. Included within the pack are four Splashproof cases to help keep the Tags dry and give you the choice of how you prefer to attach the Tag.To find your item, turn around in a full circle then walk in the direction of the strongest signal shown on the handheld - It's as easy as that.