PetSafe Door White Clear Hrd Flap


  • $35.00

Forget about scratched doors and walls or late night trips to let your pet out. The PetSafe Plastic Pet Door is; suitable for cats or dogs. The PetSafe Plastic Dog Door is a simple, yet reliable dog door that makes your life much easier. Easy to install, this pet door allows you to provide your pets the ability to enter and exit the house without you constantly having to get up to open the door. The hard flap opens easily for your pets and allows you to lock the door when you want to keep your pets in or out of the house. This Pet Door installs easily into a variety of walls and doors. For thick walls additional framing (not included) might be necessary. The PetSafe Plastic Dog Door frame is made of white, durable plastic while the rigid flap is see-through. This pet door has a weather resistant, self-closing magnetic flap and a lockable interior barrier. All PetSafe Pet Doors have a 3 Year Warranty.

  • PetSafe Plastic Pet Door - Small
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy plastic design
  • Provides your pets with access in and out of your house
  • Lockable
  • suitable for cats or dogs