Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS, Outdoor Invisible Pet Containment System Rechargeable Waterproof Collar 850YD Remote for 15lbs-120lbs Dogs (1pc GPS Receiver by 1 Dog)


  • $92.00

Working Principle The 850YD perfectly solves the inherent defects of the traditional electric fences-unstable signal and inaccurate distance control.Due to the wide coverage and accuracy of the GPS signal,the 850YD is difficult to be interfered by metal and obstacles,it means your dogs will be never mistakenly warned and injured. Features Adjustable radius from 20 meters(22Yd) to 800 meters(875Yd) Covers an circular area from 0.3 acre to 496 acres Rechargeable and waterproof collar with beep/shock Three levels of static correction to match dogs with different sensitivity All functions are integrated in the collar,easy to carry and use For dogs from 15 pounds to 120 pounds Instructions You need to identify a central point that will be the center of the play area of your dogs. Take the fence system to the central point and turn it on,then set the radius of the play area and position the fence system. After positioning,put it on your dog. When your dog get to the boundary line,it will beep and shock your dog,then your dog will be back. Notice 1. Train your dog for about 3 weeks to let him know how the fence system work. 2. Every time you turn on the fence system,you need to reposition it. 3. Do not use this fence on aggressive dogs,and don't use it on dogs for over 12 hours. 4. We do not recommend using it on rainy days or near tall buildings due to the weak GPS signals. Package Included 1 x Pet Receiver 1 x TPU Belt 4 x Metal Contact Points (2 long and 2 short) 1 x LED Test Light 1 x 5V Charger 1 x USB charging Cable 1 x English Manual

  • 【INNOVATIVE POSITIONING TECHNOLOGY】 Use GPS location technique, more accurate and stable than the other traditional wireless fences that use radio-frequency technique, you can set the radius of play area of your dogs up to 800 meters,and its error is less than 5 meters,shock your dogs accurately and timely if they are out of bounds.
  • 【STRONG ANTI-INTERFERENCE ABILITY】 The traditional wireless fences signals are easily disturbed by metal or obstacles, your dogs may be often mistakenly warned.The stability of GPS signals are much better than that of radio-frequency signals,so we use GPS technique to avoid the same problem,you never have to worry about your dogs being accidentally injured.
  • 【AUTOMATIC PROTECTION DESIGN】 If your dog leaves the boundary zone, the stimulation is limited to 20 seconds and automatically shuts off for one minute before repeating stimulation for another two 20 seconds,your dog won't be overstimulated.In the absence of GPS signals, it will automatically suspend work,so your dog won't be warned if they are indoors where the GPS signal is weak.
  • 【IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR USE】 No transmitter, no remote control, all functions are integrated in the collar which is IP66 waterproof rating,easy to set up and works automatically.You can use it wherever there is a GPS signal ,such as courtyard,beach,riverside,campground,farm and park.
  • 【LIFETIME WARRANTY】 We stand by our product and take good care of our customers.If you aren't satisfied with the item,you can return it and get a full refund from us within 365 days of receipt of shipment in most cases.Lifetime warranty is available too.