Dog Fence Underground Electric Dog Fence


  • $164.00

In-Ground Dog Fence is a simple,accurate and safe system that comes with 650Ft wire,1 transmitter and receivers,designed for dog owners to keep the dog safe in an adjustable up to 3/4 acre play area. Features: --Covers 3/4 acre with included boundary wire and expands to more area with additional wire --Support 1 dog,can contain an unlimited number of dogs with extra collar receivers --Adjustable boundary width which is formed by the adjustable signal strength --1 Rechargeable and IP66 waterproof receiver with beep/shock --'Speed Detection' help prevent dogs from crossing the border --Audible and visual wire break alarm on transmitter --Extra thick 0.8mm(20 gauge) 650 feet wire --Easy enough for everyone to install and use --For dogs from 10 pounds to 120 pounds --90 days return period and lifetime warranty How it works? The fence works by producing a wireless signal from the transmitter through the boundary wire.Your dog wears a collar receiver and is allowed to play freely in the boundary area. When your dog approaches the boundary wire, the collar receiver gives beeps and shocks. The closer the dog goes to the wire, the more intense the shock will be.It is very effective to train dogs back into the boundary area. Please Note: 1.Train your dog for about 3 weeks to let him know how the fence system work. 2.The real boundary is not the wire but the signal area formed by the wire. 3.Twisting the wire 10-12 times per foot can cancel the signal. 4.Do not use this fence on aggressive dogs, and don't use it on dogs for over 12 hours. 5.Check the power of the transmitter regularly,to ensure the fence works properly and your dog is safe.

  • COVER UP TO 3/4 ACRE: Comes with 650 feet boundary wire which is thicker and more flexible than the old version,cover up to 3/4 acre, expandable to more area with the purchase of additional wires. You can lay wires in any shape to keep your dog stay where you want it
  • EFFECTIVE DOG TRAINING: The boundary is formed by the signal sent out from the wire by the transmitter. The receiver sends beep and shock as your dog approaches the boundary.The closer your dog goes, the more intense the shock will be, effectively train him to learn the off-limits places
  • SUPPORT MULTIPLE RECEIVERS: The receiver is adjustable, waterproof and rechargeable,suitable for all kinds of dogs that weigh 10lbs-120lbs.With the purchase of additional compatible COVONO receivers, you can safely contain as many pets as you need at the same time
  • MORE AMAZING FEATURES: The electric fence allows you to control the width of the boundary by adjusting the signal strength.The 'Speed Detection' function means that the faster your dog runs to the boundary,the stronger the shock intensity will be.The wire break warning is available too